A premium Builder Experience ideal for Noob thru Full-stack

It DOES NOT matter what your experience level is coming in; our community is ready, willing and able to prepare you for a journey of a lifetime.

Nexa Studio provides Nexicans who dream BIG with a premium suite of tools and services to Plan, Build and maximize a sustainable Profit!

Builders burn & stake $STUDIO Time for access to premium tools & services, featuring: bleeding-edge AI, uncensorable content storage & delivery, plus a direct line to Ava's world-class support team.

Creators may choose to publish one or more of their original NFTs and SFTs to The Nexican Gallery — Nexa's premier, ultra-exclusive, digital art collection.

Our mission

Nexa offers a premium Builder Experience (BX) that favors rapid iterations to get you deployed as quickly as possible.

The Nexa community offers ample examples to help you get started quickly using the industry's best practices.

Nexa offers excellent documentation that offers modern and up-to-date guides and tutorials for anything and everything you need.

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Ava's Code of Conduct

What makes Ava's DAO one of the most admired brands in Crypto? It's not just our outstanding portfolio of products and services. It's also how we do our work and the integrity of our actions. Ingrained in our culture, integrity inspires our work and strengthens our reputation as an Organization that does extraordinary things and always does what is right. Integrity is the essential ingredient to our success.

Be world-class
Nexicans aspire for nothing less than the highest standards of excellence; and so we expect everyone to play a part in holding others accountable for their actions, as they reflect on the greater community.
Sharing is caring
We believe in a Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) world of innovation; which enables us to remain 100% transparent from the start to finish during ALL of our community activities.
The wonder of knowledge
On our journey, we have only begun to embrace this nascent Crypto-society; we are the pioneers given the duty to educate the generations that'll adopt what we accomplish here today.
Be respectful
Discretion is expected when it comes to expressions of your own "opinions". We aim to cultivate a healthy community, free of toxicity. We ask for A BIT O' compassion along with OPEN communications.
Take responsibility
Be accountable for your actions! This is expected of everyone and is actively encouraged through intentional design decisions to incentive a consistent practice.
Touch some grass
We believe in balancing all aspects of one's life to maximize their potential at success. Mental health, although often overlooked, can be as (if not more) important to strengthen throughout your career.