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Add any additional details here that you believe are relevant to your newly created asset.

!! WARNING !! This information will be inscribed onto the Nexa blockchain FOREVER, so be careful what information you enter here.


Write a few sentences about yourself.


Create a new collection or choose from one of your existing to host your new asset.

!! WARNING !! You MUST record the 12 word seed phrase from your wallet, or you risk PERMANENTLY LOSING the ability to manage your Collection(s).

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Write one or two sentence(s) to describe this asset.

Royalties (optional)

Create an unbreakable contract on ALL asset transfers that enforces a minimum compensation amount to a fixed set of payout recipients.

Choose a Compensation Program

Please choose from one of the compensation options shown below:

Allowed Marketplaces

Grant listing/royalty permission to the following platforms:

The premier Nexa marketplace for NFTs and SFTs.

The #1 crowdfunding platform for Nexicans.

Add support for Ethereum's #1 marketplace.