Purchase $STUDIO Time in bulk and save BIG!

Are you ready to become a Market Maker and provide Liquidity for Profit to Nexa's retail community? Be sure to take FULL advantage of the studio's Wholesale Discounts!

The base minting price (BMP) of $STUDIO Time is pegged with $NEXA at a 1-to-1 ratio. This is a FIXED ratio, permanently set for the LIFETIME of this asset.

Larger quantities of $STUDIO Time are available at up to 20% discount from the BMP.


Wholesale purchase price

10M $NEXA | 0


Wholesale purchase price

90M $NEXA | 0

SAVE 10%


Wholesale purchase price

800M $NEXA | 0

SAVE 20%

Purchase $STUDIO

Send the exact amount of $NEXA to the Vending address shown below. Your $STUDIO Time will be delivered immediately!


* Please use WiserSwap (or ANY supporting DEX) to purchase quantities under 10M $STUDIO.